I am a subject matter writer who specializes in history, specifically the U.S. Civil War and World War II. I love to learn and write about several other subjects: technology, energy, space, and politics. Finding links between these subjects is fascinating. Visit my blog to learn more! Contact me to ask about any research project you have in mind.

I can be your ghostwriter or blog writer, and I can write many other types of papers or articles. Contact me to inquire about your writing project.

I’m also a good proofreader; I can find and correct spelling and grammar errors in your manuscript, website, or any other writing project you have in mind. Good grammar and good spelling are part of being professional; contact me so that I can help you look professional.

I recently completed my CompTIA A+ certificate. I can provide entry-level computer assistance at your home or small business. Contact me if you have a computer problem!